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Lesson Prices


Pricing Scheme
Standard Rate per hour
Student Rate per hour
Pay As You Drive
Block Payment (10 hrs)
Refer a friend*
£1 off per referral per hour
£1 off per referral per hour
Combine the schemes and watch your lesson price drop! **

*Referral Scheme

For every person you introduce to SMART who completes 4 hours worth of lessons you get a £1 off per hour of your lessons. So by introducing 5 people whilst being on a standard rate of £35; you reduce your lesson rate to just £30 per hour!

** Scheme Combination

For example, if you are a student (qualifying for a rate of £28/hr) and you book a block of 10 hrs, you'll get a rate of £27/hour, on top of that, by introducing 5 people you'll pay just £22 per hour!

Lessons taken after 7.30pm or before 9.30am are subject to an additional charge of 5 per hour (note: no student discount applies)


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